Svenska | 0-1


This is the story about 4 men (still acting like boys) going on trip to the uncharted territory also known as Färnebofjärden. This journal serves a single purpose - to remember the cold and wasted nights. As memories fade, this will last through the ages.

Day 0

We’ve arrived at Avesta around 2PM - we decided to move to Färnebofjärden asap. 12km in the wilderness we found Sandon creek. We made camp - ate soup & marshmellows and got pretty wasted - probably because the fatigue was catching on to us like a fire. During the night we got an unexpected prowler on our campsite - the horrific noise could only indicate one thing - the loathed lynx had found us!...

Day 1

The beast didn’t touch anything. We had some oatmeal and black water for breakfast and set out for the hunt asap. The sun came through the clouds and it was time to catch some monsters. Cptn Bartholomew caught the first monster - though small, it would serve a greater purpose during the night. 2 baits were lost today, probably the Cthulhu of which we’ve heard strange tales.