Svenska | 2

Day 2

The bait didn’t work last night, we had some carouselle for dinner and got wasted as hell. The stoneforge’s fire reached for the sky. We got awakened by the soaring roar of the stoneforge breaking. Cptn Allan started extinguishing the fire and Cptn Thomasson saved our asses from an imposing shrapnelblast. We started packing, had some muesli for breakfast and went on our way. At noon we reached Grasholmama - no luck there, Cthulhu claimed another 2 of our baits. We pushed through to make camp at Bärbyhällan. We fished till dusk and still no luck. Had some soup and pasta pesto (which tasted like the insides of a dirty fishbowl) for dinner. This place only offered us haunted fireants and a wooden make-do shelter. Unsure what the night shall bring. The devil’s chardonnay which claimed us last night is back.