Svenska | 3

Day 3

Bärbyhällan has brought us a strange night. We got awakened in the middle of the night by Cptn Allan or should I say, Cthulhu's minion. Cptn Allan sat straight up and started mumbling some incomprehensive language - Cthulhu's tongue for sure. Probably some kind of warning.

In the morning we heard strange noises coming from the rocks. Apparently Cptn Thomasson got possessed during the night by some Cthulhu witch as he was vomiting all over the place. The rocks were painted yellow that morning. The rest of the quintet set sail for Kärth. The trip went smooth with some light drizzle coming from the North. We made a brief stop between Isön & Aspön. No monsters there.

Meanwhile the clouds were gathering above us. We arrived at Kärth only to find it was already a campsite for locals - a friendly couple which showed us where to hunt. We've managed to catch 2 monsters, but in the process Cthulhu claimed another two of our baits. It was only because of the giant wasp nest behind the cabin, that we had to leave this dream island. We could not lose Cptn Allan for a couple of monsters.

After 2 hours we set sail to Vedfjärden. Apparently the passage at Vedön was impenetrable. The wind was getting stronger and Cthulhu was playing tricks with our minds. Cptn Dietrich found a bottle of Wolfbane juice - the bottle went dry and our spirits were boosted. Vedön's maze finally came to it's end when we discovered the landmark of Käringön, via Aspön we set forth to Bärbyhällan. Everyone was getting exhausted by this 12000 miles trip across the Färnebofjärden Sea. As soon as Bärbyhällan was in sight, we saw Cptn Thomasson standing amidst the rocks. A large flashing light was coming from his eyes and mouth as we saw Cthulhu's witch leave his body. He had won the battle!

We celebrated at the fire, had some noodles, fried eggs and wolf's blood for dinner. The monsters were a tasty snack. Meanwhile Cptn Thomasson's magic box made strange noises. Probably chantings from aeons ago.

Tomorrow we set sail South, we can only hope for bigger monsters.