Svenska | 4

Day 4

The night went on without any further disasters. We were woken by Thor's wrath - a thunderstorm swept through the lands & struck our camp. Cptn Dietrich saved us with a quick make-do shelter. We slept till 12 and had muesli for breakfast.

We went South for Oxhällsholmen. Odin sent out his windlords and we spent double effort to reach Oxhällsholmen. After a 3000 miles trip with the wind roaring from the South, we reached our destination. We found a perfect shelter there.

Cptn Allan & Cptn Bartholomew set sail for The Deep, a place only known by local legends of ancient Gods sailing across the sea.
Cptn Thomasson went out to the shallows and Cptn Dietrich went up North to Hamrewallen's creek.

We came back emptyhanded from a freezing cold trip to The Deep. We had found no monsters there, could the locals be trusted?
Cptn Thomas caught a small monster, which we were going to keep for tomorrow's catch at Färjestaudden mound. Cptn Allan & me went forth to Cptn Dietrich and we stumbled upon some highly toxic clams. Two more baits were lost to Cthulhu this day.

Later on that night Cptn Allan ate some of the toxic clams. We tried to warn him, but he was just too hungry. We had some bloody soup, vegetables and potato & sausage for dinner.
Cptn Allan found some psychic thundershrooms to kindle our fire. At some point that night he started throwing knives at me. This inspired us to start a throwing competition - target: our shelter. Cptn Dietrich's knife got shattered, and Cptn Allan ruined his knife by breaking its pommel. Afterwards we went on with our axes, this has proven to damage our shelter too much. My knife got stuck in Cptn Thomasson's leg and we decided to call it quits.

Suddenly there was a giant Kjlever coming our way. We managed to trap it in our magic Yaeger bottle. And thus the Yaeger Kjlever was born! Forged in the drunken pitfire of Oxhällsholmen.