The End of an Era

So. I started MTGFeeds in 2009, by then my interests where somewhat different then they are today. I had my own hosting & worked on that hosting for various projects, so adding MTGFeeds there was pretty straightforward. As time passed, I got less & less interested in webdesign, so in time my webserver would only be used by MTGFeeds. I got funded by donations of you guys - the community. They kept the feed going for 3 years, mostly thanks to a generous donation of Yeago of - all the other years were paid by me, and with my no-ad policy this wasn't a very viable businessplan, if ever there was one. I never wanted profit for this site, but in the end I also didn't want it to become a burden moneywise.


Nowadays there are tons of free services. Such as Heroku, the only thing costing me money atm is my domain name. And I think I can manage that, yes. :)

I tried fixing the old setup of MTGFeeds on Heroku, but Heroku said no. My current database holds 25337 posts, which proves quite the archive, it also has become redundant. Don't think much folks are scouring my archives nowadays. Thus - DELETE.

So, out with old - in with the even older atm, I reverted back to the days where MTGFeeds relied on another free service. I remember moving away there because I don't like to rely on other stuff. But hey - it's free, and it does what it's supposed to do. Not in a very fancy way, but still.

What now? I've got my mind set up on learning to program. Whilst it's a slow process, with a daughter - wife and various other time-consuming hobbies. I plan to fix my own MTGFeeds someday, in the meantime, the current setup will work just fine.

As always you can contact me via twitter @arcum or @mtgfeeds.